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Fanny Schoonheyt

   Fanny Schoonheyt took part in
   combat operations to defend Spain's
   democracy from a military uprising
   supported by Nazi Germany; notably
   seizing arms from the military
   barracks in Barcelona at the outbreak
   of war in July 1936 after entering
   through the roof with her comrades,
   and on the frontlines at Aragón where
   she was wounded later that year.



Safety for Stalking Victims

By Lynn Bates. Bates explains what is known about evaluating a stalker's potential for violence and how to stop the situation becoming worse while being ready for anything. This book has practical strategies to put you in control of your life and break the cycle of fear.

Lyn Bates is a founder and vice president of AWARE, a non-profit organization devoted to teaching women to protect themselves. An award winning expert on anti-stalking strategies, she has helped thousands of people to avoid potential dangers and defend themselves.

Personal Defense for Women

By Gila Hayes. Self-defense secrets for women. Learn personal safety, empowerment and security in your home, vehicle, workplace and on the street. The consequences of survival, self-defense options and techniques, and getting started with guns for defensive use.

Gila Hayes has been a staff instructor for the Firearms Academy of Seattle since 1993 teaching gun safety and gun defense. Hayes is a founder of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, and produces a monthly journal published on the ACLDN website.


Cute Lawyer Tricks

By Massad Ayoob. Designed to prepare police officers and private citizens for the "cute tricks" many lawyers use to discredit the testimony of defendants and witnesses in the courtroom to sway judges and juries. Innocent people are convicted as a result of these tricks. (30 min)

Judicious Use of Lethal Force

By Massad Ayoob. Ayoob goes beyond his book, In the Gravest Extreme, to deal from the ground up in the core principles of law, ethics, and tactics of using lethal force. Ideal for the instructor or attorney, and vital for the citizen who keeps or carries a loaded gun. (130 min)

LFI Handgun Safety

By Massad Ayoob. Ayoob pulls no punches showing how old-fashioned "manuals of arms" set the stage for gun accidents, and demonstrates the safest techniques of loading, unloading, drawing, and handling handguns (revolvers and self-loading pistols). (55 min)

Shoot to Live: Gunfight Survival

By Massad Ayoob. An in-depth interview with Ayoob about how to survive a gunfight. Hard-hitting, practical information about where to shoot an offender for maximum stopping power, calibers, training vs. real life, what happens when you get shot and lots more. (80 min)

Massad Ayoob is a police captain (retired) who has authored numerous books, produced a range of videos, and writes several magazine columns (most notably 'The Ayoob Files'). He also founded the Massad Ayoob Group which provides defensive training.

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"The essence of my happiness is fighting for the happiness of others."  – Roza Shanina

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